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Unitized Shaft Seal


The unitized “Take-Apart” shaft seal was specifically designed to offer ease of assembly and field maintenance without any modification to existing equipment. The design permits easy component replacement, such as o-ring or spring, if necessary. This feature practically eliminates the need to replace the entire seal if one component shows wear. The “Take-Apart” design promotes the concept that special materials for o-rings and mating rings can be substituted for standard materials upon request.


• Factory assembled for ease of installation
• “Take-Apart” design for quick, easy repair
• Simplicity for dependable performance
• Suitable for a wide range of operating conditions
• Capable of reversible pressure


The standard materials of construction are: a carbon seal nose, Ni-Resist mating ring, and Buna-N o-rings and gaskets. All metal hardware is stainless steel. Other materials for o-rings, gaskets, and mating rings are available to meet special operating conditions.


These seals are designated for effective oil and lubricant retention over long periods of time under rugged conditions. Our standard units operate at 0 to 10 psi; 10 to 250 F temperature: and up to 3000 FPM speed at seal face. Special materials can be supplied to withstand higher operating pressures and temperatures, when requested.