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This stationary face seal is the most versatile seal. The design is simple, compact and economical and can easily be modified to make it suitable for a wide range of applications and operating conditions. This seal provides positive sealing and has excellent operating life within the limits of modern elastomers and plastics.


The applications are almost limitless. Typical applications include vacuum blowers, compressors and pumps, which handle air, gases, oils, water, refrigerants, chemicals and food.


1. CUP: Standard 300 series stainless steel. Can be stamped for high volume, low-cost. The machined version is versatile and allows for bolt-in installation with O-ring seal for easy removal and overhaul. Carbon steel or special alloys are available. Reverse pressure capabilities can be provided at no additional cost.

2. SPRING: Standard wave spring type made of stainless steel although coil springscan also be used. Other alloys are available for special operating conditions.

3. WASHER: Usually 300 series stainless steel, other alloys available. This part can be eliminated with the fully machined version.

4. SEAL NOSE: Generally carbon graphite is used, but bronze and ceramic alloys are possible for special applications. Composite 2-piece assemblies are also common. The face of the seal nose is lapped flat within millionths of an inch and serves as the primary sealing surface.

5. RETAINING RING: Standard 300 stainless steel. Allows for easy take apart to overhaul and repair seal components.

6. ANTI-ROTATIONAL CHANNELS: Precision multi-weld construction for long life to prevent seal hang-up. O.D. is uninterrupted.

7. O-RING: Modern elastomers are available i.e. Fluorocarbon, Fluorosilicon, etc.including TFE encapsulated elastomers.

8. MATING RING: The other half of a face seal provides the wear surface of the seal nose. The selection of the proper mounting installation and materials is of utmost importance for satisfactory performance of the complete face seal assembly. See separate section.